What’s in a Name?  Here’s a short note about a topic that we find fun and yet perplexing at the same time.  Naming your airplane!

How to come up with a name that fits, was a “hot button” in our crew as we were working on our September Fate.  One that has personality, fits the crew, works with the airplane, and that the wife likes!  We will assure you that this is no small task (in our case) as our crew has some wonderfully creative people who came up with some fantastic ideas.  In fact we have had several ‘staff meetings’ where beverages are involved and ideas evolve.  In truth, it is in these ‘staff meetings’ that our airplane design evolved!  (Everyone knows that the more beverages we consume……the faster the airplane will be….. right? Look out Reno 2013)

What’s in a Name?  With all of the wonderful personalities that we have in IF1, there are some great airplane names:







Miss Min

Route 66

Spud Runner


Only to name just a few.  The list could go on and on with the creativity and for the reasons that each crew used to make that decision!  Each has meaning to their respective crew!

So…the rest of the story about the name “September Fate” Brian and Sherawn met on a Friday the 13th in September–on an airplane nonetheless. Our N# on “September Fate” is N913FT and have the Race #13. In addition, there is so much that goes into September — it just seemed like Fate!!!