Watch below for a video of the test flights prior to the Reno 2012 Races!

The video below shares the process of building to test flight!


How does an airplane design really come into being? Like most things…on a napkin, over a beer. After racing N-A-Rush for seven years the idea of developing something new was always in the back of my mind. But, how?¬†Fortunately¬†the stars lined up and I had a unique opportunity to work with individuals that are above my paygrade with the ability and skill and willingness to assist. Though, like any big project there is never a good time financially, but with the support of several key individuals it happened.

Starting two years ago, literally over a beer, the design concept was born. From that bar napkin to the computer to the wind tunnel test to the C & C machines to pieces and parts, an airplane was born. Every aspect of the new airplane was designed for one reason and that’s to go fast. We had our mission statement, the skills of the people needed, the desire and my wife’s blessing.

Although some of the processes utilized will be forever proprietary, the experience is something we want to share. Please feel free to ask questions, we may be able to answer!

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Almost exactly two years after conception, September Fate will be debuting and racing at the Reno 2012 Championship Air Races.

Test Flight — September Fate in the Air

Thank you to the following:

Design Team:

  • Brian Reberry
  • John Chambers

Sponsors & Contributors:

  • Troy & Julene Ailshie
  • Phat Boy ACS


  • Brian & Sherawn Reberry


  • Brian Reberry

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