What is Air Racing?

  • The sport of racing airplanes
  • Racing airplanes has been around just about as long as airplanes have. Air speed records have been tracked since 1906, with a top speed at that time of 25.65 miles per hour! The first air race, complete with sponsors and prizes, was said to have taken place in France in 1909.

What is IF1 (International Formula One)?

  • Class of racing within air racing that consists of small custom built airplanes that must conform to specific tech rules to keep the class competitive.
  • In 1964, Nevada rancher and former WWII pilot, Bill Stead organized the races as a way to celebrate the state of Nevada’s 100th birthday.

  • Stead Air Force Base, where the Reno Races are held, is named for Bill Stead’s brother, a pilot killed while flying for the Nevada Air Guard.

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