Reberry Air Racing is a team of talented, goal oriented and extremely motivated individuals whose multitude of talents have come together for the common purpose of making an airplane GO FAST!!

September Fate, the newly built Formula One Racer, will debut this year at the September 2012 Reno Air Races. This airplane is believed to be capable of approaching speeds close to the existing record of 259 miles per hour.

Reberry Air Racing’s Goal:

  1. Win Gold at the Championship Reno Air Races

Winning the Championship Air Races can and will be achieved by using Brian’s Air Race experience, but also by assembling the best talent to design, build and crew the airplane, thus allowing our team to become capable of pushing the limits of the existing race class!

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Who is our team?

A crew of talented, eager and enthusiastic airplane enthusiasts!

  • Brian: A 40-something Airline Transport rated pilot whose career, interests and love (outside from his wife and family) all surround aviation. Since he was five years old as an airforce kid, he has known flying was in his future. Brian grew up in Boise, Idaho, attended flight school in Arizona, and has not looked back since. Currently with more than 20 years experience, Virgin America is where he finds his paycheck. Brian currently has over 10,000 hours flying in everything from a J-3 Cub to the Douglas DC-3 and several certificates including ATP, CFII, MEI, A & P, and IA. Outside of his career–flying, building and maintaining airplanes of all types has been and continues to be a passion. Besides air racing since 2005, Brian has taken part in several airshows, formation training, and other events–both as a participant or an instructor. Brian is currently the Vice President of International Formula One and a member of the EAA, AOPA, QB’s, Masons and is a Shriner.








  • Sherawn: A 40-something support to Brian. During the day she is the Associate Director of the Idaho Leads Project. Beyond her day job she is Brian’s wife and the mother of Kelsy (19) and Elli (3). When she is not working or taking care of the family she is supporting Brian in racing, formation flying and building new aircraft.









  • Don: A gentleman of all sorts that is our indentured Co-Crew Chief. When Don is not examining the airplane, changing plugs, our putting air in the tires, he can found at the Idaho Statesman ensuring that each and every paper is worthy of reading. Don enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. An aspiring pilot, aviation enthusiast & great friend. Don’s background has been everything mechanical from marine to auto restoration. Now, turning to aviation, Don’s experience, skills and enthusiasm are a great asset to the Reberry Air Racing Team.
  • Mo: A gentleman, friend, confidante and great guy–Mo is our Co-Crew Chief. September Fate might be unbalanced without Mo’s ingenious work on balancing the prop. Being an aircraft mechanic his whole career has added a great deal of experience to our team. Aside from assuring that the prop will run effectively and having a motor to turn the prop, Mo enjoys spending his spare time riding ATVs and camping with his wife, Deon.
  •  Support Crew: Eric Hubler, Troy Ailshie, Paul Remaley, Sue Remaley, Kelsy Merritt, and Helen Wisdom
Without the help, support and patience of all our family and  friends Reberry Air Racing wouldn’t be a success!! Thank you for everything!!!