Our team has been racing since 2005! When we first started, our goal was to have fun and compete — that main goal has never changed! We are still about having fun and competing, especially since we are a wee bit faster than our very first qualifying speed of 185 mph. We are excited to enter the 2012 Air Championship Races with our debut of September Fate.

SeptemberĀ FateĀ began as a dream on a cocktail napkin. Yes, a cocktail napkin…you are reading correctly. It came to life with the engineering skills, creativity, support and belief of family, friends and partners! This prototype airplane is flying today because of our belief in the sport of Air Racing. We must continue to move forward with innovative designs to continue another 49 years!

We made it the 2012 Reno Air Races! What a great experience this year!

Reno 2012 — September Fate

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Reno 2012 — Tony the Tiger

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